45 million words by age 4.

BOOKS N BLANKIES IS A Non-profit Organization in support of literacy for children


Studies have shown that by the time children are 4 years old, they should have heard 45 million words in order to enter school with a strong language awareness.


Founded by Bethany Donato, Books N Blankies was started with the mission of promoting literacy through educational services and resources for mothers. Designed to empower them in creating a better future for their children through reading and bonding, her vision is to create a positive and loving environment for children to learn in and take steps toward being successful in school at a young age - putting feet on the right path early on.

Books n Blankies empowers women to positively impact their families’ future by promoting literacy through providing educational services and resources so that their children can be directed on the right path to school readiness.

 Books N Blankies is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation.



San Francisco, CA


If you are interested in sponsoring, partnering, or hearing more about our organization, the Books n Blankies team would love to hear from you! 

Book n blankie packages

Get Involved

Books n Blankies realizes that the support of the community is a crucial part of being successful in our mission. Here are 3 easy ways that you and your friends can partner with us in promoting, inspiring, and encouraging the advance of early literacy among mothers and their children:

  • Gather resources
     'Like new' or new books in English and in Spanish are currently needed. Handmade blankets can be quilted, sewn, crocheted or knitted, roughly 30 x 30" to 40 x 40". Contact us for drop off/mailing information!

  • Give $$
    $10 purchases 2 books to be given to a mother and child. $15 can buy a handmade blanket to be included in a package.  
  • Your donations are secured with Stripe's industry-standard encryption, or you can donate via Paypal.

Paypal or stripe Donations:

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  • Talk It Up
    People need to know about the importance of early literacy, and what's a faster, easier way than to click "share", send a text, or hit "like"? Social media makes it no problem for you to talk it up and tell your friends about what Books n Blankies does to help close the word gap. With every share we're one step closer to getting mothers the resources they need to read to their children. 
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Organizational Partners

Our organizational partners currently support the mission of Books n Blankies by directly connecting with mothers in Solano County. Our book and blanket packages are given to these partnering organizations, who then personally distribute them to each mother. 

Healthy Families America, Solano County
Nurse Family Partnerships, Solano County
Black Infant Health, Vallejo
New Birth Services, Vallejo
La Clinica, Vallejo

2017 Support Partners

Our support partners provide us with tangible goods that Books n Blankies uses in the distribution of our book and blanket packages. 

Carquinez Strait Stitchers: providing adorable hand sewn/quilted blankets that are often coordinated with children's books. 
Executive Lions, Vallejo: providing financial grants and incredible support
Solano Community Foundation, Solano County: providing financial grants for professional development and 2017 program packages.
MIT High School, Vallejo: providing books through the "Key Club" book drive. 
Amazing Individuals: providing resources of all kinds! These individuals range from children donating books, to corporate offices collaborating for early literacy! 


Lisa Loomis, 2016-2017
Tamar Loomis, 2016-2017
Kim Connolly, 2016- present



Board of Directors


Abby Baker,

Abby Baker joined Books n Blankies as Secretary in June, 2016. Working towards her BA in music with an emphasis in piano performance, she hopes to be able to use her musical skills to grab peoples attention to the important and beautiful role that music plays in our culture. Abby comes from a Filipino background, yet she has lived in the Bay Area for the majority of her life and is currently attending school in Los Angeles. A few of her strengths lie in interpersonal communications and organizational skills. In the free time that Abby has, she explores the cities around her, enjoys reading a good book, and is often heard playing piano. 

Bethany Donato, President.

Bethany Donato is the President and Founder of Books n Blankies. Currently, Bethany is a junior at a 4 year university, pursuing a degree in Political Science. She wants to see underrepresented groups achieve greater success in academic pursuits, and in support of this vision she promotes early literacy to young children. Having lived overseas for 10 years, she has learned to make the most of where she is, allowing her to build friendships and appreciate culture. Bethany loves to bake for both her family and friends, enjoys playing volleyball, and relishes reading a classic book. .

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Adrian Donato, Educational Advisor.

Dr. Adrian Donato graduated from University of California with a doctorate in Global Executive Education.  He has founded several non-profits that seek to develop global partnerships and enterprises, and sits on the boards of different non-profit organizations that focus on sustainable development throughout the world.  His strength is in cultural competence, strategic planning, and international educational programming.